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Services available at both locations in Newport Beach/Irvine and Yorba Linda.


What is Hypnosis?

Guided by a hypnotherapist, hypnosis is a process which produces relaxation, distraction of the conscious mind, and increased awareness. This state of mind allows access to the subconscious mind through the imagination. At the same time it also produces the ability to experience thoughts and images as real. The hypnotherapist uses this state of mind to help you achieve your goals.
hypnosis on a patient

Common Uses:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Weight Control
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Anxiety & Phobias
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Issues/Insomnia
  • Self-Improvement
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Habit Control

Hypnosis can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. In fact, what is most important is that each person comes to therapy with a motivation to make a lasting change in their life. This motivation is one of the most significant factors in attaining results.

Not only can hypnotherapy be used to address “problems” but it can also be used to enhance talents such as creativity, sports performance and academic achievement. You can use it to achieve your maximum potential in life.


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Read a testimonial from a Chiron hypnosis patient:

"Honestly, prior to my first session with Dori, I didn't think that hypnotherapy would help me in
any way, shape or form. However, the fact that I was able to quit smoking after 25 years is a
testament to the fact that hypnotherapy works. Furthermore, I have suffered from anxiety the majority of my life, and the combination of hypnotherapy and talk therapy has been very effective in helping to keep my symptoms at bay.

I think that everyone should try hypnosis at some point in their life, however, it is very important you choose someone that is well rounded and experienced. After going to a couple of different hypnotherapists over the past five or ten years, I was finally introduced to Dori through another therapist, and I haven't looked back. I enjoy every moment that I get to spend with Dori, as she is very gifted when it comes to both hypnotherapy and talk therapy. I always feel euphoric and completely relaxed during hypnotherapy and experience a sense of well-being after each session. Although I experienced relief after one session, I continue to indulge in hypnotherapy  at least once per month because it is a mental massage and it helps me to relax.

Ultimately, if you already attend talk therapy, hypnotherapy is a great addition to help you manage or even eliminate whatever struggles you are dealing with in life. Furthermore, hypnotherapy is extremely beneficial for those that are just looking to make changes in their life, some examples include, quitting smoking, increasing motivation, learning patience, increasing self esteem, reducing over spending, and the list goes on.

If you are looking for relief or just want to make positive changes in your life, I highly
recommend that you reach out to Chiron and set up an appointment for hypnotherapy with Dori."

William D. E.


Dori, Expert at Hypnosis
Dori Caralto, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“My goal is to assist you in achieving your potential, your goals, and improve performance in your work and personal life.”

Hypnosis IS a state of deep relaxation, NOT sleep.

Hypnosis IS a state of concentration, NOT loss of consciousness.

Hypnosis IS a natural state of mind, NOT surrender of the will or loss of self-control.