Jenny Hall, MA, LMFT 46803

Jenny earned her master’s degree from California Graduate Institute and has worked over the past 25 years in roles as a therapist, teacher of secondary education, and administrator. She earned her bachelor’s degree and secondary teaching credential from UCI and worked for many years in public and private schools in Orange County.

Her professional career as an educator and therapist is inspired by her passion for human development. Jenny enjoys working with adults, adolescents, couples and families struggling with grief/loss, trauma, addiction, and recovery and those needing or wanting to make changes in their life. Her approach to therapy includes training in family systems therapy, psychodynamic and attachment theories.

Jenny has worked as primary therapist with Hoag Hospital Addiction Treatment Center and within a short time became the programs clinical manager. In this role, Jenny developed the program for Hoag’s SolMar Recovery, which is a residential treatment program for those struggling with a dual diagnosis, and managed the detox and outpatient programs as well.  Jenny is creative and passionate about her work and brings the values of compassion, hope, and change to those she serves.

Emotional suffering and trauma are often silent partners to relational dysfunction, anxiety and depression, fear, addiction, and feelings of loneliness, ambivalence, and loss.  Isolation inhibits healthy human development and impedes our ability to experience growth, authenticity, and joy. Therapy provides a pathway for change and healing takes place within the context of a therapeutic relationship. As children we develop protective defenses, which at the time are useful. However, when the threat that created them is no longer present, they begin to interfere in one’s life goals and daily functioning. Learning to understand and work with these defenses can be a powerful tool in moving forward in one’s life and relationships.

Therapy is about hope and change and Jenny’s focus in therapy, whether long or short term, is about helping client’s define who they have been and work toward who they wish to become. This therapeutic process eventually leads to a reorganization of the self where the instincts, experiences and desires of the natural self are honored, processed and healed. Joy and growth become possible as the process for change becomes less fearful and we can define and reconnect with our life purpose.

When Jenny is not working she spends time with her family and enjoys being creative. She loves to cook, design, and create jewelry and spend time outdoors hiking and bird watching.

Jenny sees patients at the Yorba Linda location.