Dr. Nick Lazaris is a Clinical Psychologist who, for 35 years, has helped those struggling with severe Anxiety, OCD, panic and depression increase their self-confidence, overcome anxiety, enhance the quality of their relationships and develop the ability to consistently live at their personal best regardless of their fear or circumstances. He believes that there is absolutely no reason to live another day with the fear, anxiety or depression that holds you back from the life you dream about.

Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach Dr. Nick specializes in helping you:
* Overcome anxiety, panic and OCD
* Create stronger relationships at home and at work
* Overcome your fear of public speaking
* Become more assertive
* Enhance your effectiveness in business
* Overcome audition, interview, and test anxiety
* Create a mindfulness-based lifestyle

If you desire to take charge of your life and relationships and rid yourself forever of anxiety, Dr. Nick offers powerful psychological skills training to help you unleash your potential and live a life free of fear.

He sees patients in Yorba Linda.