Scott Nelson, PsyD, PSY 27994

Dr. Scott Nelson is a licensed psychologist who earned his Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University Los Angeles. Dr. Nelson’s training as a Clinical Psychologist includes providing therapy and testing services. His experience in therapy includes working with individuals of all ages work through difficult life circumstances that can impact a person’s well-being at home, school or work. Central to his clinical practice and professional interest, Dr. Nelson provides full range of psychological testing services.

Often, getting effective help with a mental health issue first requires a clear and accurate understanding of the nature of a person’s difficulties. Human beings are complex, and each person’s journey is unique. Psychological testing can be extremely valuable in helping to answer questions about human behavior and mental processes that have otherwise proven uncertain or difficult to explain.

That’s why Dr. Nelson offers comprehensive psychological testing and assessment services. Dr. Nelson’s passion is for providing the diagnostic clarity that paves the way toward successful treatment and intervention. When the reasons for a person’s struggles at home, at work or in school are poorly understood, when previous treatment approaches have been unsuccessful, or when clients simply need clear answers about the nature of a problem, Dr. Nelson is the caring professional to whom clients and colleagues turn to for psychological testing and assessments. Testing and assessment services help to illuminate certain truths of an issue or situation and provide important data and guidance for treatment decisions.

Dr. Nelson works with clients of all ages, and evaluates individuals for a wide array of concerns. These often include ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, gifted and talented children, age-related cognitive decline, mood disorders, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorder, psychotic disorder, and bipolar disorders.

Outside the office, Dr. Nelson enjoys cooking, traveling, and animals. He is also an active musician performing occasionally in the Southern California area.

He sees patients at our Yorba Linda and Irvine locations.